Imposter (2023) 

"Our deepest fear is not being insufficient.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that we fear most,
We ask ourselves, who am I to think of myself as brilliant, great, gifted, unique? But that's the point, why shouldn't you be? [...] - Marianne Williamson


MixedMedia Composing
Canvas, Acrylic / 120 x 150 cm

"Have you heard that I hide my underlying narcissism through altruism? "
sings Taylor Swift in her song "Antihero." A thought some of us have had at one time or another: Am I just being nice because it makes me come across better to people? Taylor responds with the counter question, "Can we ever really know?" -
"I'm the problem, it's me."


Digital Composing
Art print, Alu / 60 x 60 cm

The life of the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra was a testament to the power of consciousness and the importance of finding truth by challenging valid norms.